Pulverizing and/or milling of existing asphalt are both economically and environmentally friendly way to maintain and reconstruct your pavement surface. By milling asphalt, the millings can be sent off for recycling and reuse as RAP (recycled asphalt product) at our asphalt plant which helps reduce landfill disposal and material costs. Milled surfaces can be overlaid with new asphalt providing the appearance and functionality of a new surface without the costs associated with a full replacement.

Pulverizing asphalt in place crushes the existing asphalt pavement into 1.5” sized aggregate particles that can be incorporated into the existing sub-base and shaped into a new base course. This process thickens and strengthens the existing base and allows us to leave the existing asphalt in place saving the owner money as we don’t have to truck the existing pavement materials off-site. This recycling of the existing pavement into a usable base is also friendly to the environment.

Nagle Paving Company specializes in both of these applications and we were one of the first companies here in Southeast Michigan to offer crushing and shaping services. Today we own and operate two pulverizing machines, a 40” wide drum conveyor milling machine and all of the support equipment needed to provide these services.