Nagle Paving Company stands out from our competitors because for over forty years now we are one of the only producers of hot mixed asphalt (HMA) in our market. Our plant is an ASTEC 9’ double barrel drum plant capable of producing hundreds of thousands of tons of HMA per year. Our plant is MDOT certified and our staff is able to produce a wide variety of commercial and state regulated mixes. We are conveniently located in Livonia, MI right next to the I-96 and I-275 interchange, providing us with easy access to the entire region. Because we own our plant and produce our own HMA, we know what goes into our mix and we can ensure that it is of the highest quality. Also, we can control schedule as we can control when the mix is produced. Lastly, our plant gives us the flexibility to avoid purchasing from other suppliers, which means we won’t have to mark up their products, saving you money.